Radiant Floor Heat

Quiet Warmth

At M.E. Supply Lumber Co., we strive to provide our customers with the finest service and quality building materials. With Quiet Warmth, we have been able to combine a quality, American made electric radiant floor heat system to accompany our flooring. This system empowers our customers, whether contractor or DIYer, to purchase and install a simple, cost effective, and energy efficient radiant floor heating system that will last for years to come. 

Quiet Warmth Specifications

Quiet Warmth FlooringRadiant Heat Underlayment

Crete Heat

Radiant floor heating systems have taken the country by storm in the last 15 years. With the rising energy costs and our company’s effort to assist in going green, we at M.E. Supply Lumber Co. have listened to our valued customers and found a quality, American made product that serves every need in the radiant floor heating industry. Crete-Heat has answered a vast majority of the concerns that can prove to be over whelming to most people when searching for an effective and efficient system to install either for themselves or for a customer. With this product, it has been proven that there is a significant (as much as 2/3) savings on installation labor. Along with this product, we also stock manifolds, connectors and other materials you may need to finish your product.

Radiant FlooringRadiant Flooring by Crete Heat
Radiant FlooringRadiant Flooring by Crete Heat
Radiant Flooring Installation Radiant Flooring Installation
PanelPanel for Radiant Flooring


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