Truss DesignWe provide truss design service and building through our partners at Advantage Building Components in North Jackson, Ohio and Stark Truss in Canton, Ohio. Both of these companies have a dedicated outside salesmen and a staff of designers on hand to meet all your truss design requirements. 

Manufactured wood trusses use up to 40% less materials than conventional framing and allow the project to be completed in approximately half the time, which will save you time and money.

Truss Styles

Common TrussCommon Truss

This is the most common truss set on 24" centers. It can be designed for 4' and 8' on center, for use with Shingle and Steel Roofing in a variety of Pitches.

Attic TrussAttic Truss

This truss is designed for use as a room. It is usually loaded at 35-40psf. It is a great way to add extra room above a garage, first or second floor on a house for a bedroom, living area, or storage. depending on loading of truss. 34 psf Bedroom, 40 psf Living area. Truss can used for hay storage, but must be designed for 80 to 125psf loading.

Scissor TrussScissor Truss

This truss is used for a Cathedral Ceiling or on Buildings that need more clearance in the ceiling area. Scissor trusses are set at 24" on center. When ordering, include the width of the wall (ex: 2x4, 2x6 etc).

Mono TrussMono Truss

This truss is typically used on porch and shed roofs. It can be used at 24", 4' and 8' on center, for use with Shingle and Steel Roofing.

Lite Storage UnitsLite Storage Units

This truss is a variation of the common truss. The interior webs are shifted out allowing more space in the center of the truss for storage. The truss is loaded for 20psf in the center area.

Gambrel Attic TrussGambrel Attic Truss

This truss can be designed to give the "Barn-Look" for a garage. However, the Gambrel Truss can also be designed to have a room in it. Similar to the Attic truss, but with a square room, it can add an extra room to a building. Typically loaded at 40psf, the truss can be re-designed to be used for hay storage at 80psf to 125psf.

Studio TrussStudio Truss

This truss is a variation of the scissor truss. This truss is also set at 24" on center and ban be used for maximum height for a vaulted area. When ordering, please include wall size and size of a vaulted area.

Cathedral TrussCathedral Truss

(Modified Vault) This truss is also a variation of the scissor truss. This truss is typically set on 24" on center. This truss is commonly used to vault one room, while the next room is flat. When ordering, include wall size and inside wall to inside wall dimensions of the room to be vaulted.


Flat TrussFlat Truss

Can be used as a Flat or Sloping Flat Truss. Also can be used for a shed roof. 



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