There is arguably no better way to add elegance to your home than by improving your interior or exterior entryways that will consistently impress you and your guests. We work closely with proven manufacturers such as ThermaTru, Provia and Shuster These manufacturers offer a wide variety of options to ensure full customer satisfaction! If you are unable to choose from the many standard options that are available, M.E. Supply and our manufacturing partners will work closely with you to make certain that the product you have envisioned is created through customization!

Also, don't forget that M.E. Supply can assist you in creating your custom doors through our on-site mill! The M.E. Supply Door Collection consists of single doors, single door with sidelite, single doors with two sidelites and double door units. All doors are standard 4 9/16" frame with adjustable composite sill and feature Radiance Entry Systems. We have our own door hanging facility where we work with interior and exterior doors. Follow the link to learn more about styles, composition and specs.

To browse specific door options click on the manufacturer name, and contact M.E. Supply with questions about the product, price, and purchasing information! Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you!

ThermaTru Exterior Doors

ThermaTru is known as one of the top leaders in exterior door manufacturing innovation. ThermaTru is the creator of the fiberglass entryway and has been a leader in the industry for nearly 25 years. The ThermaTru line of fiberglass door applications are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and their commitment to manufacturing beautiful entryways, without sacrificing the high quality the customer expects.

ThermaTru Exterior DoorsThermaTru Exterior Doors

‚ÄčProVia Exterior Doors

Provia doors, headquartered Sugarcreek, Ohio, is one of the highest accredited door manufacturers in the nation. Since their founding nearly 35 years ago, Provia has consistently provided superior, top-of-the-line entryways. One of the major accomplishments of Provia is their ability to create entryways that go above and beyond when it comes to the industry energy efficiency standards, while also maintaining it's elegance and durability.

ProVia Exterior DoorsProVia Exterior Doors

Rogue Valley Doors

Rogue Valley DoorRogue Valley has been crafting quality entryways since 1985 in Grants Pass, Oregon under the ownership of John Dunkin. Since their inception, Rogue Valley using high quality materials to produce strong, and beautiful doors has been of the utmost importance, and with the advancement of door crafting technology the quality of Rogue Valley interior entryways has only improved. M.E. Supply is proud to be a vendor of Rogue Valley entryways. To view interior doors from Rogue Valley, click on the link provided!

Rogue Valley DoorsRogue Valley Doors


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